Project Description

Bis a town of almost 7000 inhabitants, although it does not have a large traditional urban center. Like most municipalities in the area, its expansion began in the 1970s with multiple urbanizations. Traditionally it had abundant small nuclei of picturesque strength.

It has an extension of 28.6 km 2, is at an altitude of 307m above sea level and has 8,858 inhabitants (2015).

The attractions of the town are varied. From the mountain, with the Cingles de Bertí, the river Tenes, little flowing but with places of dream, around which a lot of activity took place, and Sant Miquel del Fai, unique within the Romanesque architecture, located between the rocks of the cliff. Being close to the metropolitan area of Barcelona, the communication routes with all of Catalonia are excellent and is a good base for planning visits to places of great leisure and tourism interest. The situation of the town means that more and more people decide to settle down, even if they are working in Barcelona or in their metropolitan area. This justifies the high rate of growth it has undergone in the last 10 years, to double its population.

Located in the Vallés Oriental region, it is close to the Montseny Massif, the Maresme coast, Barcelona and the thermal villas of Caldes de Montbui and La Garriga. Other nearby municipalities, such as Granera, Gallifa, Sant Sebastià de Montmajor, charming by themselves, and nearby areas, such as Bages and Osona, are very beautiful regions for their natural interest.